Skateboarding and music - changing the way I skate

If you're anything like me, you know that spending hours on end at the skatepark is an absolute necessity for your weekly routine. And if you're anything more like me, you'll know this weekly routine has always been a major part of life. I grew up in the early 2000s when iPods were becoming a big deal, so of course we'd spend hours at my buddy's house downloading music on and old PC using the conventional method at the time (ends with wire and starts with lime) - and of course we'd then plug our headphones in and hit the park.

That was life back then - and now. Cruising the skatepark or the streets while listening to my favourite music. There's really nothing else like it. Feeling the rumble of the wheels on the pavement while gliding down the street, bumping to the latest Def Jam track. Then, my iPod would fall out of my pocket, causing my headphones to tug my ears with the force of a thousand suns, throwing off my balance so bad that next thing I knew, I'm sprawled out on the concrete and my board has probably traveled ten light-years down the road already. Life was truly great and simple.

Pretty much nothing has changed since. I still spend hours a week skating, whether it's at the park or on my way to or from home. The only difference in my routine is my new wireless buds. The Snug Fit Pro's have really added tremendous convenience to listening while I do my favourite thing and I think that's awesome. Now, it's hard to imagine life without this simple, yet sophisticated technology.