Is 9Anime Safe?

A widely popular anime streaming site, 9Anime is highly appreciated by anime fans. Regularly adding more and more episodes keeps its makers and staff on your toes.

I believe that 9Anime is the place to go for those who are big anime fans and are looking forward to streaming some of the latest anime shows. The huge collection of anime on their website is sure to ensure that you will be able to find all the anime that you are looking for, and that too in HD.

There are many great websites out there, not just 9Anime. As a result, today we will discuss some of the best sites for watching anime for free, such as 9Anime.

9Anime Official Sites and Mirrors


Among the most popular domains are and The alternative domains can be used if the primary domains are down. You should not use any other 9anime domains you find that aren’t listed here because they’re fake.

How to safely stream on 9Anime?

Ads are the most common way that anime streaming sites such as 9Anime are able to monetize themselves. In addition to the display ads, the ads now also include pop-up ads. The downloads from 9Anime do not reside on any server owned or operated by 9Anime. This website is supported by non-affiliated third parties who provide the anime files that appear on this page. A meta-search engine, 9Anime acts as a central repository for anime data that is indexed by these 3rd parties.

So, is 9Anime Safe?

There is no such thing as a safe program as 9Anime. They are filled with malicious adult ads that are designed to entice you to click on them to see more information. By clicking on these links, it opens the door to a multitude of viruses and malware that are waiting to infect your device. You should know that there is a way to watch your favorite anime in a safe and secure manner, and that too without getting any malware. A simple way to prevent those ads from appearing is to use an adblocker.

By using an ad-blocker, your browser will be protected from both display and in-video ads, which will keep your computer free of these viruses. And, with that said, you can freely watch your favorite content there.

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