Top 8 tech trends in 2022

There is no denying that the digital world predetermines our development. From medicine to education and agriculture, we depend heavily on technologies to ensure the highest efficiency and functionality. Modern technologies allow us to be productive and tackle more tasks faster.

Some trends come and go, while others remain. Thus, the question, “What trends will be in the spotlight this year?” may well arise. Below you’ll find a list of the top eight tech trends to watch out for and use from 2022.

Artificial intelligence

The range of use for AI is impressively wide and all-encompassing. Artificial Intelligence can be used from something as simple as a animation creatorwhere it offers readily available visuals automatically adapted to the target audience, to more complex elements such as data analysis and processing.

Artificial intelligence has long been on experts’ radars. It has also been the subject of discussion as AI is a promising technology that leads to excellent results. Gone are the days when Artificial Intelligence was associated with chatbots and other primitive elements.

It took a big step forward and now works with real-world data, applying computer vision (to process videos, photos, animations and even GIFs), natural language programming (NLP) and speech technology (to analyze audio). This trend will open a window of opportunity for experts to improve customer interfaces and interaction techniques. For example, people will be able to find the item they need in the catalog by entering a photo.


Education is a hotly debated topic these days. Although education continued to function despite the pandemic, its quality was dubious. 2022 is and will be revolutionary for education in many developed countries. The education sector will undergo enormous changes and will become more elastic and versatile, regardless of global circumstances. Investments in the e-learning sector will increase, with AI becoming an integral part of all software and approaches.

That is, people will opt for the integration of Artificial Intelligence in education to personalize curricula, follow the students’ learning process, create individual tests focused on students’ strengths and weaknesses, etc. In addition to AI, the educational technology field will adopt and spread gamification to stimulate student engagement in the learning process.

Automation and virtualization

In an attempt to improve technological processes and make them more powerful, experts have unified the use of various technologies and called it automation and virtualization. This trend incorporates several elements, including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), additive manufacturing (AM) such as 3D and 4D printing, and digital twin technology.

The combinatory framework of this technology is to face everyday tasks, increase efficiency and accelerate marketing processes. This trend mainly catches the attention of manufacturers, allowing them to switch to industrial robots. Since 2015, installed industrial robots have increased by about 2.5 times.

Blockchain and Trust Architecture

Blockchain technology has held a firm place among tech trends for years and continues to do so in 2022. Blockchain is the best way to keep data locked up. More brands and institutions will switch to Blockchain as it ensures data security and decentralizes businesses, thus decreasing chances of hacker attacks.

In addition to data security, the architecture of trust reduces the cost of implementing and complying with security regulations, lowers the expenses associated with cybersecurity, and makes transactions more accessible.

Bio Revolution

Given the current wars and armed conflicts taking place in different parts of the world, governments have started to pay close attention to self-sustainability, especially in agriculture and energy. Biocomputing, biomachines and biosystems will be a key field to delve into, as innovations in these fields can lead to significant change, independence and economic growth.

biological machine

clean technology

This trend addresses the disastrous increase in the use of limited and sometimes harmful resources to nature. Experts are supposed to focus on advancing energy storage systems, fusion energy, renewable energies and electric vehicles. In addition, we can expect rapid development of appliances, wastewater treatment, smart-grid, clean coal and other renewable energies.

distributed infrastructure

It is not uncommon for companies to maintain offices in multiple countries. But in order to increase agility and speed and save costs, they need to re-evaluate their organizational methods. There is no better way to ensure all of the above and reinforce a cybersecurity strategy than using distributed infrastructure.

The latter is a set of hybrid or multi-cloud management technologies and tools – open repositories, cloud service platforms, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. This year can bring tremendous results, multiplying by 4 the use of distributed infrastructure.

Software 2.0

The latest trend addresses so-called low-code and no-code applications. Software 2.0 uses machine learning to develop software, for example autonomous vehicles. In addition, Software 2.0 can be an excellent solution for corporations, providing simplified and modified (yet practical) code and automating standard tasks.



The world is much more dependent on technologies than ever before. Companies track the effectiveness of using a specific technology and analyze its metrics to decide if it’s worth using further. It would be best to do your research on trends before adopting them in your company. Doing so will shed light on what might be helpful and reap the desired results. However, the article provides the top eight trends that have the most momentum in 2022. Consider applying them to take your business to a new level.

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