Toyota puts new technology on the road in hydrogen fuel cell called Mirai

Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle regarded as the dramatic new second generation car that was seen on public roads.

It’s the first time people get a glimpse of this new technology on the roads. At first glance, this approximates that the car will maintain the dramatic style concept.

This machine went on sale later this year and is now shown for the first time in concept form last year at the Tokyo Auto Show.

Mirai 2020

This new Mirai will be an important step forward in the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) as promised by the Japanese company. The new Mirai will definitely bring changes in the fueled automotive sector.

The company claims to give a 30% increase in range compared to the current model. The current model manages to cover just over 300 miles. In addition, the new Mirai will also have improved driving performance.

The new Mirai is built TNGA platform which is Toyota’s latest design platform.

In addition, it will feature a highly advanced design that includes a dignified grille and sweeping coupe-style rear.

The company claims that this Mirai will have improved body rigidity and a lower center of gravity if we compare it to the original Mirai.

If you check the measurement of the project, the new Mirai measures 4935mm in length and will have a width of 1885mm. The wheelbase will be slightly longer, namely 2920 mm.

In addition, the new Mirai will have 20-inch wheels and will undoubtedly retain the four-door sedan layout we have on the original Mirai. The original Mirai was released in the year 2014.

The interesting thing is the interior design, which is said to be reworked and added with new technologies. The new Mirai will feature a 12.3-inch center touchscreen and a digital accessories display.

With these adjustments, many of the controls have been moved to the center of the dashboard on the new Toyota Mirai.

The main difference comes with the number of seats, we are the new Mirai will have a total of five seats instead of the original four.

That’s all about the new Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, and for more tech updates and exciting gadget news, stay tuned!

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