A new technology has been introduced that will reduce customer waiting time and
your problems will be solved by the voice guided assistant that will work on Artificial

This technology will be profitable for companies, as it will reduce the cost
to incur human customer service agents.


There are possibilities that by the year 2024, there will be more voice assistants than the
the entire population of the world.


The benefit of the voice assistant is that they will be available around the clock 24/7. While the
voice assistant will be a computer program, it will work on the internet and will be
have any and all information with them. so there won’t be any waiting time
for any of the customers.

The system will be designed to be able to speak in all languages
interactively and lead from closing customers to completing their tasks.
Any kind of task like booking, changing or canceling hotel reservations, replacing
passwords, raising complaints, will be easily done by voice assistants. a good booking software can add more ease to it.

The growing number of voice assistants will decrease the time that the human
customer service agent used to take which is very good but at the same time it goes
take over the work of a large number of people who worked in call centers, BPOs and KPOs.
Do you think the introduction of AI-supported voice assistance technology is the

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